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Improving the road to automotive lighting systems

Time:2019-02-15 Views:281
According to foreign media reports, 40% of traffic accidents occur in the dark. The automotive lighting system is closely related to driving safety. In order to enhance the lighting system function and ensure driving safety, various enterprises (including traditional car manufacturers and technology companies developing autonomous driving technology) are constantly improving the car lighting system. In addition, in addition to improving simple lighting functions, companies have also given lighting system new features so that cars can communicate with other vehicles, pedestrians or the surrounding environment in an effort to create a perfect driving experience and increase brand stickiness.
Let‘s take a look at the companies that have taken action in 2018 to make various improvements to the automotive lighting system:
1. Ford Adaptive Headlamp System - Adjusting the headlight beam with road signs and lane markings
2, Hyundai Mobis advanced adaptive high beam lighting system - open the high beam at any time through the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)
3, Vauxhall innovative lighting technology - IntelliLux LED headlamp system / matrix lighting technology / adaptive AFL LED technology
4, the public lighting system to project car information - headlights optical lane assist / taillight optical parking assist
5, Ford auto-driving vehicles install different signal strips - send information indicating the intention of self-driving vehicles
6, Apple car exterior lighting and warning system - pass information to communicate with other drivers.